The X-Factor Belt® - Best Core Alignment Belt For Lower Back and Hip Support icon

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  • Created by Dr. Ron Safko, Board Certified NYC Chiropractic Orthopedist
  • Patented X-Factor® technology:
    • Provides synchronized lumbar-pelvic-hip support
    • Stabilizes lower back while remaining flexible
    • Improves posture, maximizes core balance
  • Easy on/off wraparound design to wear under or over clothing
  • Lightweight, breathable, contour fit for all-day wear
  • Designed and engineered in the USA
  • Individually hand-cut and sewn by specially trained craftsmen
  • Ideal for all sports and everyday active lifestyles
  • Alleviates pain & minimizes risk of injury like no other belt on the market
  • Highly recommended by golfers of all ages

How To Belt
Loosen straps, find center ‘X’ on the side worn against the body.
How To Back Out

Position belt around your back across the hip area, making sure you are placing the center of the belt at the center of your back.

How To Left Side In

Bring one side to the middle and hold in place, while bringing the other to close with Velcro® at front.

How To Side X

Adjust position to hug hips, make sure the side Xs are placed at both hip bones.

How To Finish

Adjust both sides to comfort and secure at center to soft Velcro® pad.