• The X-FACTOR BELT® Keeps You Moving

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  • Safko Massage Therapist Kaori demonstrates how to wear the X-Factor pelvic alignment belt or back brace. It gives maximum support with no restriction. The best back support belt on the market today.

    "Nothing worked for our back and hip pain, so we designed this pelvic alignment belt" – Dr Ron Safko

Designed for active people everywhere

The patented X-Factor® technology reduces pain, prevents injury & gets you back to your active self.

Green Forest Backdrop with young woman with her arms raised to the sky in a V shape. Tan complexion, brown hair in ponytail wearing light aqua tank top.Take Back Your Life - Free Yourself from Pain and Frustration - The X-Factor Belt® can set you free.

Because quality matters

From research + design to materials + manufacturing, The X-Factor Belt® is revolutionary in both form and function.

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