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For Golfers By Golfers - 3 belts in 1 Premium Product - Core Alignment, Hip Support, Back Stabilizer.

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Not Just For Golfers! All active people with back pain that want to keep moving need this. NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES.

Protect your lower back and improve your golf game by balancing and stabilizing your core with the X-Factor Belt®. Comfortable and form-fitting, the X-Factor Belt® helps relieve pain and reduce injury while facilitating full range of motion. Naturally, with no side effects.

Created by Dr. Ron Safko, trusted board certified NYC chiropractor, for himself and his golfer patient.

Built with new patented X-Factor® technology combining the strength of a traditional back brace with the comfort of a flexible support.

Versatile 3 belts in 1 premium product - 1-Pelvic Alignment Belt 2-Hip Support Belt 3-Back Stabilizer Belt

Tested and highly recommended by golfers and active people of all ages.

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Only The X-Factor Belt® features:

  • X-Factor® technology created by Dr. Ron Safko, board certified NYC chiropractic orthopedist
  • Precision-forged flexible steel X inserts provide constant lower back-pelvic-hip support
  • Lightweight, breathable, contour fit for all-day wear
  • Dual soft compression Xs to support lateral pelvic hip muscles
  • Individually hand-cut and sewn by specially trained craftsmen
  • Easy on/off wraparound design, double elastic straps to customize fit
  • Wide double Velcro® and high density integrated foam closure for secure, comfortable fit
  • Flexibility and comfort to support the wearer in all sports and everyday active lifestyles
  • Recommendations by golfers of all ages 

Only the X-Factor Belt® delivers:

  • Synchronized lumbar, sacral and pelvic support
  • Simultaneous circumferential, longitudinal and torsional back support
  • Improved core/trunk alignment
  • Relief for back, hip and leg pain
  • Prevention of muscle spasms and cramping
  • Faster recovery of overused muscles
  • Protection against excessive spinal twisting, tilting, overextension and pelvic torque, particularly associated with golf swing and other sports
  • Structural support for weak or injured backs and hips while undergoing rehabilitation
  • Prevention of harmful movements
  • Enhanced strength and muscle tone of injured muscles
  • Assistance in maintaining your alignment following chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy mobilization
  • Comfort, control and confidence for every physical activity
  • Improved low back, pelvic and hip support for sports requiring flexibility and freedom of movement while maintaining the user's posture in an optimal position
  • Postural awareness, improving golfer's cognizance of swing mechanics such as overswinging, extension, etc.
  • Relief to the low back pelvic area after strenuous physical activity
  • Minimizes risk of injury, improves posture and alleviates pain like no other support belt on the market
  • Overall improved quality of life
Unique Features & Benefits

The object of the golf swing is to hit the ball as long and as accurately as possible. The swing requires rotation with extension of the lumbar spine coupled with pelvic torque.  These swing elements could lead to or exacerbate spinal or hip conditions, especially if they are accompanied by poor posture and structural imbalance. 

The X-Factor Belt® considers these imbalances and provides improved core and trunk alignment which can translate into a more relaxed, smoother, balanced and controlled swing.

Only the X-Factor Belt® delivers:

  • Synchronized lumbar-pelvic-hip movement and flexible, unrestricted support
  • Simultaneous circumferential, longitudinal and torsional back support which stabilizes the low back and hips
  • Protection against excessive spinal twisting, tilting, overextension and excessive pelvic torque associated with the golf swing and follow through
  • Flexibility, stability and freedom of movement while maintaining the golfer’s posture in an optimal position
  • Postural awareness that makes a golfer aware of swing mechanics such as over swinging, extension, etc.
  • Relief and faster recovery of overused muscles after strenuous play 
  • Decreases the negative effects of muscle recoil of the hips associated with the golf swing 
  • Designed to enhance a golfers swing ability who may have a low back or hip condition 
Especially For Golfers

75% Polyester
20% Elastodiene
5% Nylon

Spot clean when needed

Materials / Care

The X-Factor Belt is worn on the hip for optimal performance.

Please measure carefully and order the corresponding size.

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Founder's Story

“Nothing worked for our back and hip pain, so we designed this core alignment and back support belt.”

In this short video Dr. Ron Safko, creator of the X-Factor Belt, explains how he and his golfer patient solved their (not able to play enough golf) problem. 

Meet Dr. Safko


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Golfer's Review

“It’s like no other belt. I don’t even know I have it on. I feel like I could go another 18 holes!”
- Joe Duffy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Great belt. Fit is right on. Well made and comfortable.

Natalia C.
Weekend Chores Are No Longer Debilitating

I cannot believe how this belt compares to the other ones! I had purchased one of these belts for myself and another for my mother.

I do not have specific back pain, but rather in my hips, upper back and neck. As a weekend warrior, when I try to accomplish everything I cannot during the week, I am on my feet in a kitchen with ceramic tiles, running up and down two sets of stairs with laundry, bending, cleaning, gardening, etc. A couple of weeks ago, I finally used the belt and could not believe that I could still keep going at 5pm, where in the past, I was in so much pain that could not walk after sitting down. The added support from the second set of 'flaps' definitely makes a difference, you can feel it after you take it off. Thank you!

Jon G.
Long Distance Driving Now Pain Free With X-Factor Belt

I suffer from chronic lower back pain and discomfort that is severely exacerbated by driving long distances. To ease the pain, Dr. Safko recommended that I wear his X-Factor product while driving. I was skeptical at first, but WOW, what a difference. I now can drive back and forth from NYC to the Adirondacks and Catskills with almost no pain at all. Dr. Safko’s X-Factor™ has made all the difference in the world - a night and day difference to say the least. Not to mention, it is extremely comfortable to wear and is not restricting by any means. Thank you, Dr. Safko!

Steve S.
Post injury, the X-Factor Belt was a real game changer

"Before seeing Dr. Safko, I had never been to a chiropractor before. Boy was it life changing -- but the X-Factor Belt was the real game changer. I had injured my lower back squatting and could barely walk. The belt brought stability to both my life and my back, and allowed me to keep moving while injured and finally lead me back to being pain free. It is extremely comfortable, easy to use, and effective - keeping your back intact, while also limiting certain movements, and therefore pain.

The best part of the belt is it is not a one trick pony. During COVID-19 I was forced to work from my couch and my workouts and mobility became limited for a number of months. After two weeks, my posture was suffering and it was hard for me to continue to work and exercise without pain. I immediately went back to the belt, and I am happy to report I am no longer in pain. Not only does the belt work, but you can also wear it under or over clothes to either hide your pain or make a fashion statement.

God Bless The X-Factor Belt!

Joe M.
X-Factor Belt Relieves Lower Back Pain With Added Support

I have been using Dr. Safko’s back support belt for over a year now and I don’t know what I would do without it. The belt that the doctor gave me was originally intended for patients needing support for the pelvis area, but I used it for my lower back and it has helped me tremendously. I have a number of back issues including: degenerating discs, curvature of the spine and arthritis. I have a very long daily commute and the bumps and vibrations from the drive was making it very difficult to get out of my seat when I reached my destination, but when I wear Dr. Safko’s belt it gives me the extra support I need for my core and makes getting up a lot easier. I have tried other belts, including the ones we see on TV all the time and they don’t help, the other belts are flimsy and don’t offer the support that I get from Dr. Safko’s. I also use it for anytime I am doing work around the house and outside. The belt gives me confidence that I can go about a normal routine without having to worry that I am going to strain my back. I think what’s nice about Dr. Safko’s belt is the extra cross support in the back of the belt. I can’t thank Dr. Safko enough for creating this belt, it truly helps me every day I wear it.

How It Works

Ever feel a twinge in your back or stiffness in a hip just doing everyday activities or, say, teeing off? It may be because your lumbar-pelvic-hip core is out of alignment.

Watch this video to learn how the X-Factor Belt® helps correct your body’s imbalance and keeps you moving.

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