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Especially For Golfers

the only support belt especially for golfers with back pain

The object of the golf swing is to hit the ball as long and as accurately as possible. The swing requires rotation with extension of the lumbar spine coupled with pelvic torque.  These swing elements could lead to or exacerbate spinal or hip conditions, especially if they are accompanied by poor posture and structural imbalance. 

The X-Factor Belt® considers these imbalances and provides improved core and trunk alignment which can translate into a more relaxed, smoother, balanced and controlled swing.

Only the X-Factor Belt® delivers:

  • Synchronized lumbar-pelvic-hip movement and flexible, unrestricted support
  • Simultaneous circumferential, longitudinal and torsional back support which stabilizes the low back and hips
  • Protection against excessive spinal twisting, tilting, overextension and excessive pelvic torque associated with the golf swing and follow through
  • Flexibility, stability and freedom of movement while maintaining the golfer’s posture in an optimal position
  • Postural awareness that makes a golfer aware of swing mechanics such as over swinging, extension, etc.
  • Relief and faster recovery of overused muscles after strenuous play 
  • Decreases the negative effects of muscle recoil of the hips associated with the golf swing 
  • Designed to enhance a golfers swing ability who may have a low back or hip condition