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It consists of lower lumbar segments L4-L5; the sacrum; 2 sacroiliac joints; 2 hip joints, and the pubic symphysis. This area should always be considered a fundamental mechanical unit, as one section will affect the alignment and movement of the others. This is also where the ‘Triangle of Pain’ resides.

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It’s the 3-sided angle formed by the lower spine segments, the sacrum, 2 sacroiliac joints, and the pelvic iliac crest. This area, to a large degree, is involved with almost all lower back, hip and pelvic pain: sciatica, bulged and herniated discs, spinal stenosis, arthritic issues, sacroiliac dysfunction, vertebral slippage, etc.

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Pelvic symmetry is responsible for weight-load distribution – from above and below – of the weight-bearing joints, the sacroiliac and hip joints. It also influences how gravity flows through our center core, specifically through the ‘triangle of pain’ area.

The X-Factor Belt® stabilizes the pelvis, thereby controlling our Lumbar-Pelvic-Hip movement. It allows for a more even weight-load distribution to occur and assists in balancing the gravitational flow through our central core. The belt then provides synchronized lumbar, sacral and pelvic support resulting in decreased pain and improved movement. And a stabilized and balanced pelvis will do the same for the spine and hips.

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The belt was developed and created via the research, engineering and collaboration of Dr. Safko, his patients and the manufacturer. 

Unlike other belts, the X-Factor Belt® is designed having a wider sacral area control center with tapered ends for securing the belt around the user’s pelvic crest, not the back. Each belt is fitted with precision-forged small flexible steel ‘X’ stays and dissected with an ‘I‘ stay tucked away in the sacral area to provide constant/comfortable stability to the lower lumbar spine, sacrum and SI joints without weakening the core muscles. In addition to these lumbar-sacral stabilizers, strategically placed soft structural compression X’s over the hip joints protect against excessive pelvic twisting, tilting, over-extension and excessive pelvic torque, while providing circumferential, longitudinal and torsional back support.

Each belt is crafted from sustainably-sourced raw materials, then hand-cut and stitched. Every piece goes thru rigorous quality control to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. 

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  • Position the wider portion of the belt over the lower back area and the tapered ends containing the soft compressive Xs around the crest of your pelvis rather than your waist. The Xs should be positioned over the hip area.
  • Secure the front strap at your belly button, or slightly lower, until you feel a level of compression that is snug, comfortable and supportive. Make sure the lower-back X and the side Xs are properly aligned so they provide you with a solid, secure and comfortable foundation.
  • Now bring the adjustable reinforced Velcro outer end over the inner base and secure for customizable additional support to meet your comfort level for the task at hand.

You will know if Dr. Safko’s X-Factor Belt® is for you right from the moment you put it on. You should feel comfortable, secure and supported, and feel more aligned with improved posture. The X-Factor Belt® stabilizes the low back and pelvic area, which then facilitates normal weight transfer and gravity flow through the area. Your overall body movement will be improved, enabling you to perform activities of daily living better and with less pain. Always check with your Chiropractor or Physical Therapist if you are under their care.

- Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with your arms extended straight out and parallel to the floor. Your elbows should be locked with your palms facing the floor.

- Have someone stand in front of you and place their hands atop of your extended arms with their palms on your wrist. Have them press directly down on your wrists as you resist.

- Repeat the process, wearing the X-Factor Belt®. Be sure the X’s are aligned properly and the belt is worn snugly wrapped around the pelvis.

- If there is noticeable increase in your arm strength, you will benefit from wearing the belt.

These videos will show how the test is done without the belt, then with the belt. See the difference. It's like magic. 


Dr. Safko’s X-Factor Belt® is as effective whether it is worn under or over clothing. However, it is recommended – especially for athletes – to wear a thin layer of clothing under the belt to reduce friction and prevent skin irritation. 

There are no large muscles that cross the sacrum and sacroiliac joint area, therefore no muscle weakness will occur. In fact, the opposite occurs: thanks to its unique design and structure, the X-Factor Belt® stabilizes the pelvis and initiates intuitive core muscle engagement – specifically the deep postural muscles – and provides a sense of strength to the entire area. This is why people almost immediately feels a sense of improved posture upon wearing the Dr. Safko’s X-Factor Belt®.

The X-Factor Belt® can be exchanged for a different size or returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Please refer to our Refunds and Exchanges section for more comprehensive details.

Wear the belt whenever you need it. Use it for everyday activities to improve posture and mobility, or to soothe and stabilize arthritic joints. It can be used to promote healing following surgery and as an aid in rehabilitation during injury recovery. Simply put, Dr. Safko’s X-Factor Belt® can keep you moving and aid in improving the quality of your life. Remember, if you are experiencing chronic pain and are unsure of the cause, please consult a health care provider to determine the cause. And if you are under Chiropractic care or undergoing physical therapy, ask them if the X-Factor Belt® is suitable for your intended use.

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Yes. The X-Factor Belt® design and structure stabilizes the entire lumbar-pelvic-hip area, allowing joints, muscles and ligaments to rest and recover.

Yes, absolutely. The X-Factor Belt® is very effective in maintaining support of the entire low back and pelvic area, specifically the sacroiliac joints that are being stretched and expanded preparing for child birth. It is also extremely effective post-partum by providing necessary support to the entire lumbar-pelvic-hip complex for dealing with the new activities of daily living associated with a newborn, like lifting, carrying, bending, etc.

Unfortunately not all belts or supports fit all body types, and we took this reality into consideration in designing the X-Factor Belt®. We offer a high level of adjustability and customization, which is user-friendly and can increase the likelihood of the X-Factor Belt® fitting the body’s natural curves properly. Please check our sizing chart (hyperlink?), which is based on hip-circumference measurements.

Yes. The X-Factor Belt® was originally designed to enhance golfers’ swing, offering secure comfort for those who may have a low back or hip condition. The X-Factor Belt® provides improved core and trunk alignment which will translate into a less painful, more relaxed, balanced and controlled swing. In addition, strategically placed supports within the X-Factor Belt® can protect against excessive spinal twisting, tilting, over extension, or pelvic torque associated with the follow-through after striking the ball. Other control features incorporated into the X-Factor Belt® will also help reduce the strain placed on the lower back and pelvic area, thus assisting in preventing future injuries commonly associated with golfing.

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