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  • Premium 3-in-1 Design: Easily adapts for low back, hip, or pelvic support
  • Patented X-Factor: A patented system that keeps your core and hips aligned while maintaining flexibility. The best solution for any back pain you experience while participating in physical activity
  • Expertly Engineered: Each belt is handcrafted using superior material for optimal performance and product longevity 
  • Flexible and Stable: A proprietary design tailored for comfort that addresses core stability and back pain while keeping flexibility for any and all movements. 
  • Chiropractor Approved: The only belt developed by a top NYC Chiropractor with his patients in mind
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The patented X-Factor Belt is the ultimate 3-in-1 support belt. Engineered with a hybrid design blending traditional back braces and pelvic supports, the X-Factor Belt offers comprehensive and immediate relief, resulting in improved physical performance and overall quality of life. It's easily customizable to support your low back, hip, or pelvis with seamless transitions. The X-Factor Belt keeps you moving despite the pain. Experience the unmatched versatility and comfort today